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A Fan Letter

Going through some papers, I came across this fan letter that I received in 2010, just after our show in Elgin, Illinois:

Dear Davy,
When I was a kid, I caught the Monkees during the early 1970s reruns. I was in first grade back in 1974-75 when I wrote in my diary, “I love Davy Jones and I will meet him some day.” Who knew a little girl’s diary dream would really come true? That someday came, in 1987, at a fundraiser for the Make a Wish Foundation, during the years just after the Monkees’ twenty-year reunion tour.


During that time I met a group of friends and we decided to form a fan club… “The Purple Flower Gang.” Some of the “gang” has parted ways, but through the years we have seen and talked with each other now and again. I headed off to college and lost touch for a while, then got married and started having children in 1997. It was at that time that I reunited with my “Monkee” friends.
A couple years ago, you finally, as the song says, “came to my town,” Elgin, Illinois. It was here that I got to really meet you and sit and talk… almost 20 years after the first time I met you. (And hey, I think we both look pretty darn good! ☺) You were so very nice, and I appreciate that so much.
I guess I am babbling on and on, to say, thank you. Thank you for the fun. Thank you for the wonderful music. Thank you for the laughter. Thank you for being so kind.
Now, tonight, after almost 25 years, I will sit front row CENTER! I cannot wait.

Lots of love and many blessings to you and your family!
Dawn (Van Meter) Hoffman

PS: My ten-year-old daughter is a fan too! See what us moms do! I couldn’t bring her tonight because it was just too much for us to swing the money to buy two tickets. I am hoping to bring her around some time soon. I thought I’d share a picture of my husband Harry and babies (daughter Emily Grace and son Harrison).

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