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Davy Collaborator Releases New Book

circlesIn 1965, actor/singer Chris Andrews stepped in to take Davy’s place as “The Artful Dodger” in Oliver! They’ve been friends ever since. Over the years, Chris and Davy have collaborated on recordings and ideas. Chris wrote most of the arrangements, programming, and keyboards on Davy’s recent She CD.

A new book has just arrived on Chris’s early years with a mod/psychedelic-era band called Les Fleur de Lys. The band launched the careers of Gordon Haskell, Bryn Haworth, and Pete Sears, backed major American soul singers, and earned the attentions of Jimmy Page and Pete Townshend. The book is called Circles: The Strange Story of The Fleur de Lys, Britain’s Forgotten Soul Band. [posted by admin]

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