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Davy Talks at ‘Billtown Bus Stop’

billtownbusstopOn 12/7/09, Davy was a special guest on the Billtown Bus Stop Radio Hour (89.7 WVYA-FM Williamsport PA). He played tracks from his new She CD, the just-remastered Christmas Jones CD, and tracks chosen from his solo albums and Monkees albums (mostly rarities).

Older Bus Stop shows are also archived. Past guests have included Mike Garson (pianist for David Bowie), In Musth (with Felipe Torres, drummer in the Davy Jones Band), Joseph Smith III (author of The Psycho Files: The Comprehensive Guide to Hitchcock’s Shocker), and other luminaries. The playlist also includes The Beach Boys/Brian Wilson/Dennis Wilson, The Beatles, Beyondo (Eric Biondo, trumpeter in the Davy Jones Band), Johnny J. Blair, Lenny Bruce, Richard X. Heyman, Velvet Underground, more Davy Jones/Monkees, and other surprises. Tune in when you can! [posted by admin]

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