Davy’s Message: 2011 January


Amazing, really, how fast last year went by. We have been to Japan and Canada, and to England for my daughter Jessica’s wedding. She’s married to a great guy from Pennsylvania. The grandkids are growing fast.
My wife Jessica and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary on August 30th. We exchanged gifts and ate at one of our favorite restaurants—life is good.
I want to tell you about my nephews Liam and Ryan. They are quite the sportsmen… I will post an article soon about their exploits. They’re pretty impressive, I’d say. I was captain of the cricket team—bowler and wicket keeper—not quite the standards of these boys, but… happy days.
My shows in San Francisco went well, and we had a nice stay. Rode on the cable cars, ate good food, and did some music for public TV to be shown in 2011. Plans in the next few months for family, friends, and horses. I hope to work some more on the church museum in Pennsylvania.
We have a number of repeat gigs in 2011, none more welcome than Epcot-Disney… Mum’s Day in May. It’s always a family time with the band, relatives, and friends. Magic time in so many ways.
This year has been full of pleasant surprises. We now have an ocean view—they pulled the building next to ours down. Dreams do come true. Despite my love for the country life, my beach days have always been special, and living within a stone’s throw of the ocean has been a life-long dream. Ah-ha, me hearties!
As I watch the waves crashing on the beach and young surfers (you have to be young to endure these subnormal temperatures here in Florida) carrying their boards, I have to take pleasure and smile. Thoughts of my family, sisters Beryl, Hazel, and Lynda, Mum and Dad Doris and Harry, and the times we had in days gone by… on the sand hills at Saint Annes-on-Sea, Lytham Gardens, where we acrobated and laughed over simple pleasures.
I wrote some time ago that not everyone has dreams and hopes that come true. Mine have. Regrets, yes—if you don’t have them you’re a fool. However, I thank all of you—yeah, you—for your support and love. Have a great 2011… I have high hopes for all of us—my beautiful wife Jessica, and not forgetting Jimmy, John, Felipe, Dave, Eric, and Aviva, family and friends… agent Mike Pick/MPI, webmistress Cassie, who have all made it possible for me to enjoy many pleasures in my life which would have not been possible without them.
Peace and love, happy holidays, great times ahead…
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