Davy’s Message: 2010 January

It’s not possible that a whole year has gone by and we have not talked or communicated. In fact, my diva has been my diva for as long as my old (no, we don’t say old) mentor pal, Basil Foster, has held that position all year.
You know I’m a talker, but it’s just that things have busied my mind and I have been catching up with myself. Lots of plans, ideas, projects on the boiler.
I do have a new album and a new recording schedule. “She” is available for your listening pleasure. I have a new association with Ron Dante of Archies (“Sugar, Sugar”) and Cuff Links fame. He produced music for Barry Manilow, Pat Benatar, Ray Charles, John Denver, and Cher, won a Tony award for his Broadway production of “Ain’t Misbehavin’” and “Children of a Lesser God.”
Where have I been, what have I been doing? It’s time to get moving. John (“Singer at Large”) and Cassie Blair, designer/photographer, will be instrumental in many of my upcoming projects. The Church—the Davy Jones family theater, museum, and community center—has an ending in site. The wheels are spinning and the dream is becoming clearer.
weddingcakePennsylvania has always been my lost love, my comfort, and rainbow’s end. Yet suddenly, out of the blue, another need totally unexpected came into my life. On December 18, 2006, I met the girl who has now become my wife. She became the most important thing—morning, noon, and night. She made me realize that time is precious… and living life alone is not where anyone with dreams should find comfort. Romance was daily; time spent was so satisfying. I took pride in myself… patience, affection, constant desire… true love at last. Jessica Pacheco and I married on August, 30, 2009, at her parents’ house on the lake, with the dearest of friends present. The story begins. [View wedding photos here]
On another personal note, the girls—Talia, Sarah, Jessica, and Annabel—are all doing well. Like all parents, I’m kept in the dark on many plans until they happen, both personal and professional. So check them on my candids page and enjoy. I do know that Talia is very much in touch with her landscaping business, and for the best of advice and direction I contact her from time to time for her expertise when it comes to my garden. Sarah, with seven-year-old Harrison and two-year-old Lauren—need I say more? You moms know what I’m talking about. Spending most of her time planning the weekends, with John, for the family, and enterprising on her business and social engagements. Jessica, too, has a responsibility that only mothers and fathers know about—six-year-old Phoenix, personal projects, real estate development, design expertise, making old new. Very foresighted and solid. Then there is Annabel, the poet. She is what Uncle George used to call me (a label now adopted by her), “the maestro.” Her songs are current with the times, important as those of Dylan, Kristofferson, and Joni Mitchell. Her time is now. Her beauty unmatched.
What about me? “The time has come,” Judy Garland said to me after the opening of “Oliver!” in New York, at the Time and Life building. “After tonight, this city is yours.” Well, I did dine with her at the Russian Tea Room on a number of occasions. Partied at Birdland with Peggy Lee, Buddy Rich, Georgia Brown. Am I name dropping? Yes, big. YES. Dudley Moore, Elizabeth Taylor, Tony Newly, Joan Collins, Richard Burton. Sorry, but it happened. No, I’m not sorry that it happened; I will take you to places you have never been. Share my thoughts and dreams, give you ideas you never thought you could have; let’s adventure.
As you all know, horses have always been in my life. My past: the eternal triangle… man, woman, horse. I plan to take out my trainer’s license to train race horses. I figure twenty horses; it takes money. I will purchase 3-6 year-old horses proven on the track. We will need good people to make this a going project. Exercise riders. Grooms, vets, farriers. It all costs money; it’s not a sport for the faint-of-heart. We have three mares in foal … two (2) to Trust n Luck—quite an appropriate name for my new projects—and one to Cat Thief. It’s an exciting time for me. Shares will be offered on the three foals born some time in April or thereabouts… will be telling more once they stand and feed.
Anyway, first comes first. Please check the 2010 concert schedule.
Well, my friends, that’s it for a while. Check us out and enjoy this blog as we get news to you. Remember the newspaper motto (or should I say the news media motto): “Don’t let the truth spoil the news.” This manuscript you can believe; be careful what you read and believe.

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