Davy’s Message: 2010 May

It’s all to do with timing. During a visit to Beavertown, PA, a couple years ago, my daughter Jessica took on the job of decorating and fixing up a little house that we own. During her stay she met a man, a gentleman, Josh Kramer. They spent quite a lot of time working on the property, and on April 17, 2010, they married at a beautiful little church in Hambledon, Hampshire. Hambledon is a little village close to the house she lives in with her son Phoenix, and keeps her horse (Breeze) and dog (Coen). Sister Annabel and mother Anita also live there.
It’s all typically English. As English as fish and chips, crumpets and HP Sauce.
The wedding attracted friends, locally and from abroad. A marquee tent was in place in the yard, with horses and country sounds all around. The service was quite unconventional. Coen the dog attended, friends and family too. The music was supplied by Annabel and her band, whose original songs were enjoyed by all. A deejay played music well into the night, and tea was served in the drawing room, as was Buck’s Fizz (champagne and orange juice). The wedding was also attended by my sisters Beryl, Lynda, and Hazel. Josh’s parents and sisters came from Pennsylvania. It was truly a joyous event.
My wife Jessica and I traveled from Miami, and stayed with my friend Chris Andrews and his wife BB. We enjoyed their son Max, who is five months old, and as good a little boy as you could ever want to meet.
Brighton is a lovely town full of foreign students, tourists, and people from all over the world. It is a mecca of artistic energy and excitement. We ate Indian food, Chinese food, cheeses and wines, all fit for a king. We walked the beachfront and enjoyed the pier and its attractions. We walked the lanes that Dickens walked, and, at the Theatre Royale, we saw a play called “The Lady in Black,” a suspense thriller.
The weather? Well, we hit it just right. The volcano in Iceland caused travel chaos, which we avoided, as we arrived Wednesday the 14th, early morning. However, it changed our departure date from the 19th to the 21st. I must say it worked to our advantage, as we were able to spend more time in Brighton—more time with Chris and BB, and to relax and reflect and plan. Daughters Talia and Sarah were not so lucky, as they were held up in Paris. But what other place could be more exciting for two young women to have fun and enjoy?
I sympathize with the people of Iceland who have lost everything. It is very sad.
More News: Two foals were born—Whiskey Bee gave birth to Seahorse (Jones) in Pennsylvania, and Weekend in Devon gave birth to BazFoster in Florida. BazFoster was named after my mentor and former Diva of the Month, Basil Foster. On the morning we got the news that Whiskey had foaled, Jess and I were walking on the beach. We discussed the birth as the sun was coming up. I looked to the sand, and yes—a seahorse lay by our feet. That’s how we got the name Seahorse. I am told you can walk the beaches of Florida for a hundred years and never see a seahorse. Thanks to Kathy Kinney, equine nurse, for her video of Seahorse Jones!
I did the Indiantown Coalition Fundraiser again this year. We topped our expectation and were able to promote another place in college for a young person.
We have a new companion, an abandoned cat called Foxy the Cat, whom we adopted and nursed back to life.
The year ahead looks pretty decent. My gigs have proved to be well-attended, and I hope enjoyed by all: Davy Jones Sings/The Music and Laughter of Davy Jones/100% Laughter Guaranteed. I’m able to do what I do because of the support of my family, friends, and especially neighbors who stand by me and give me strength. I thank all of you, and I hope I can live up to your expectations. I hope I can perform for you all for many years to come.
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